Taking a dream trip on safari in Africa

January 16th, 2008

One of my someday dreams is to take an extended African hunting safari  vacation and by extended I mean several weeks.  I also keep bouncing around the idea of doing a more conventional 7-11 day trip.    For the big game hunter nothing can compete with Africa on price, service and the amount of game you can see and hunt.

To put it in perspective you can easily spend 6-7 thousand dollars to hunt Elk in Colorado or Wyoming.  For you money you get the chance to shoot one Elk and you get a good chance at not shooting anything.  You will hunt for 7-14 days up and down mountians and if you really push hard you may very well end up with bloody feet.  You will eat decent camp fire chow, sleep in a sleeping bag and have to do a lot for yourself.

Contrast it to Africa when for 5-7 thousand you will see more game then you can imagine, hunt 7-12 days, be waited on hand and foot, fed like a king and have the type of service you might get on a cruise ship.    You will also generally harvest 7-11 bg game animals and end up with trophy’s you will cherish for the rest of your life.    For me it is just a matte of when I am going to make the time to go.

I grew up reading the works of Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Raurk and Peter Capstick and eventually taking a trip to the dark continent will let me see the sites, smell the smells and feel some of what those great writers painted into my mind as I grew up.

One really great website I have found with some exceptional hunts is called T. Jeffrey Safari Company.  If you have ever dreamed of a safari check out there website, excellent packages, great pricing and beautiful images.