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February 7th, 2008

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Get certified and make more money

January 18th, 2008

Part of building wealth is maximizing your income in the first place. Many times the difference between making good money and making great money comes down to some additional skill sets and a sheet of paper that proves you have them. No where is that more true then in the IT and Technology industries. Yet a lot of IT professionals work long hours so how do you take time for more training and make sure you get proper credentials to go along with it? One solution may be to take technology or Microsoft Training from QuickCert.

Right now the technology sector is hot and I mean red hot. Trust me I know in my businesses I have to hire people to fill various positions and the IT/Tech people are the hardest to find and attract. Many IT people don’t even take real “jobs” any more preferring the higher rates from contract positions and the flexibility and travel that come with them. I know a few that work 3 month projects, take a month or so off and then basically have their pick of the next assignment. Opportunities like this will only grow in the future.

So if you’re an IT pro that wants to build wealth by maximizing your income consider adding to your skills and certifications by visiting QuickCert.

Teaching kids to invest and think smart about money

January 13th, 2008

The good old piggy bankI know a lot of adults that are doing what they can to teach kids about investing and saving money. The most common way is the good old fashioned piggy bank.  There is something to be said especially with younger children to putting some change in a piggy bank.  It is a good start but it is also quite limited.  With the good old pig you always can open him up and raid the savings and the savings lack any type of leverage.  You earn no interest and little Johnny’s or little Dorothy’s pennies end up worth less ever day, unless they are solid copper that is.

My view is it is important to have kids open their first bank account as soon as they are old enough to grasp the concept.  A Roth IRA with some monthly contributions should be set up by age 12 and money should be discussed from a positive outlook.  Don’t teach your children things like, “money is the root of all evil” as that is not the proverb anyway.

People that do well with money come from homes that discuss and value money.  Now of course you must teach ethics, family values and over all life lessons as well.  Your kids shouldn’t worry about money or believe it is the end all be all.  Yet they should understand it and its power, both good and bad and you should teach them the Building Wealth Philosophy as early as possible.

One of my favorite books for parents helping kids learn to invest is Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens The Secrets About Money–That You Don’t Learn in School!  To me this book is an absolute must read.

One way or another make sure you are making things like money, avoiding toxic debt, savings and investing positive topics of discussion with your kids.  I am not saying your kiddos first words should be leverage and interest over mamma and dada but you get the point.

Building Wealth the Trump Way

January 12th, 2008

As you know I am big on three big things; cutting costs, reducing debt and building wealth. The reality is you could simply call that entire formula building wealth as no wealth building formula excludes debt reduction or cutting expenditures. As a long time fan of Donald Trump I was therefore really excited when Donald Trump came out with a new book called, Wealth Building 101 so of course I picked up a copy right away.

Rather then a book by Trump this is a book by some of his personal advisers and a team of hand selected experts. The book was then edited by Trump to gain his final approval. What I really liked is that Wealth Building 101 is not the typical Trump book that is just focused on business owners or even just business people.  This book is full of advice that will help anyone build and preserve wealth even if they are just a routine employee that works hard and wants more for themselves and their families.  As books go I recommend this one highly.

Saving money on glasses

January 12th, 2008

Ok well this is a website I was asked to take a look at that I now can truly endorse as a very cool resource for “cutting costs” which of course is 50% of our wealth building formula here at So what is this Great Discovery: It is a website called ZenniOptical and they offer a full single vision pair of eyeglasses as low as 8 dollars.

Now I have been to stores advertising lost cost glasses in the past and found that they low priced ones were what we called BCGs or “birth control glasses” back in the army. In other words they made you look so bad that no one would be interested in you. This is not the case with ZenniOptical. They have a huge selection and I even found memory titanium frame for between 10-30 dollars with lenses. If you wear glasses then you realize how good these prices really are.

I have decided to get a pair of these just to have as a back up for if something happens to my glasses or if I just briefly misplace them, I have been known misplace things a time or two.

Thoughts on gun ownership and the second admendment

January 11th, 2008

I am going to be brief on this post and just tell you how I feel and what I think about it along with what the Constitution and its authors actually said.

First you have to understand what the “Bill of Rights” is all about. Many of the authors of the Constitution did not want a “Bill of Rights” as they were afraid any right not included might be infringed upon.   Believing that such a list could become justification for future restriction upon right. As in “it isn’t in the Constitution so it isn’t protected”.   You see you and I are not granted rights by the Constitution, no it simply protects what is seen as a “God given right” to all humans including those around the world, not just Americans.   Such is the nature of being a “shining light on the hill”.

In other words our founders believed all men had the right to arms and did not grant anything, they only sought to preserve that right from tyranny.   Next I am tired of the crap about how the 2nd Amendment applies to the “national guard” or other such nonsense.   While the “militia” is mentioned in the Amendment the “right” is bestowed upon “the people”.   No one doubts what the clear words of “the people” means in the other amendments so why would we doubt it as it is used yet again in the second Amendment.

Further one of the very authors of the Constitution, George Mason stated, “”I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”   Yes the only people the founders did not see as protected by this amendment were “a few public officials” in other words the government is excluded in favor of “the people”.   Understand in this Republic we are not “granted rights” or even “granted privilege” by the government, we grant privilege and power to the government at will and at will we are empowered to remove it.   Sound like “revolutionary language”, hell it should the authors were all revolutionaries and considered traitors by the British because they sought and were willing to die for liberty.

My point is you and every other American has an absolute right to keep and bare arms and more I believe the founders saw it as a civic duty to do so.   Think about how you were told in school you should vote simply because you are fortunate to have that right protected and due to that fact you should vote in order to protect that right.   Well, how is gun ownership different?   If you don’t own a gun the thought of someone taking guns away may not bother you.   Go buy one, get trained on it, be safe and understand the empowerment of not waiting 10-30 minutes while your home is being invaded and the lives of your loved ones is in jeopardy.   Do that and then think about a law taking that gun away from you. It will change the equation.

So do I think everyone should be able to own a gun?   Not exactly I think that anyone who has not taken an action to warrant giving up that right should retain it. Just like jail, you have a right to freedom, steal from someone, violate their right and you loose your right and go to jail.   So prohibiting felons, the criminally insane and clearly nuts individuals from getting guns makes sense.   Anyone else should be permitted to quickly establish their identity and buy any gun of their choosing.

I also believe it is your civic duty as a healthy adult American to own a gun of some type.   If you have no experience first take a course and learn safety and proper use. Then spend time once in a while at the range and know how to use your gun effectively.   The more of us that do that, the harder to take away our right it will be for our government. Further let me ask you what would happen to our crime rates if say 80% of home owners had guns, knew how to use them and were willing to do so?

I am a big believer in concealed carry too but that is another post.   So what does this all have to do with building wealth, cutting costs, etc. It has everything to do with it. Proper planning involves “protecting your assets” and let me ask what greater assets you have then,

  • Your Home
  • Your Family
  • Your Health
  • Your Possessions

It is a sad state that there are vermin that will take these things away from good people but there are many such scum in our world.   In your home a gun in the hand of a properly trained adult can protect those things. Either that or dial 911 and wait!   That option isn’t good enough for me, I worked hard for what we have, I love my wife, I love my son and anyone that threatens them by entering my home unwanted has a very good chance of leaving in a horizontal position.   I make no apologies for that and neither should you.

I just thought it was a good time to point some of these things out.   I am amazed how many people think we are “granted rights by our constitution” or by the government.   No one is “granted” a right, a right by its’ very nature is inherited and should not ever be taken away from any man unless he violates the rights of others.

Just remember the law that a right left unused is often lost doesn’t just apply to voting.

Consider Northern Trust for Wealth Management

January 9th, 2008

My primary goal here at this blog is to help the average person learn simple ways to build above average wealth. As you begin to build wealth the key is to make sure you have the right wealth management team.  Northern Trust is a premier provider of banking, asset management and asset servicing to affluent families and individuals and leading institutions worldwide.

With a proven track record Norther Trust a company I can recommend with out any hesitation.  They also offer some exception free financial resources.  For more information visit their website and check out the Global Economic Research link.  You work hard for your money and it should be hard at work for you.  It should also be protected because as I have posted about before we have the potential to see a recession that could make 1978 look like the “good old days”.

Now I am no gloom and doom forecaster but it is more then probable right now that we are in for some tough times.  Many entrepreneurs are used to going it alone, I have been guilty of it myself.  Yet when it comes to investing, asset protection and preserving the future of your family’s future alone is a very bad choice.  Rely on professionals and that is what you will find at Northern Trust Banking & Asset Management.

Can you pass the entrepreneurship test from Donald Trump

January 9th, 2008

We talk a lot about building wealth and being prepared here and when it comes to both a true master is Donald J Trump. Well I just found this very cool, entrepreneurship test provided for free by Trump University. I took it and got an over all score of an 8 out of a 10 and in the areas where I scored low I very much agreed. These are actually areas I have “shored up” these specific areas with team members, partners and employees.

I was very impressed with the accuracy of the profile produced. The entire test is 36 simple questions you just click where you feel the area applies to you on a 1-5 scale. It took me perhaps 5 minutes to complete. If you want to see how you stack up against Donald Trump then give his entrepreneurial test a shot.