A different kind of real estate investment

January 13th, 2008

As anyone who knows my true identity could attest to I dearly love to hunt and fish. For many non hunters it is hard to understand how much hunters truly love the animals we hunt. In fact an non hunter would be surprised how much sorrow really is felt in the heart of a hunter that sees a wounded animal or an animal that is killed with no purpose on a highway by a car or truck.

OK so what in the world does this have to do with real estate investing? It has a great deal to do with it. I want to discuss with you the concept of “investing in land for generations to come”. One of my biggest motivations for acquiring wealth is so I can purchase tracts of undeveloped land, improve the wild life habitat there and do all I can to make damn sure it stays undeveloped for as long as possible.

There is of course the potential to profit from this approach if you want to. Land that can be used by hunters and is not marred by human interaction is becoming more and more scarce. I want you to understand that you don’t need to buy hundred acre tracts to participate in this type of “investing” a 1-5 acre lot in the right place can be something you turn into a sportsman’s paradise. The goal would be to find land that either adjoins protected public land or perhaps land that is so rugged that developing it will be so costly as to protect it from development.

Such land is still available in many places all over the country. In fact the harder it is to build on the less it costs and the lower the cost of the taxes on it. Switching your mind from “property flipping” to the long term investing and you start to see some real opportunities. Let’s look at them in two categories, one as investing for money and the second as investing in the future.

Strictly looking at a profit stand point, if you find some nice land especially some that adjoins public and protected land like national forest, state parks or national timber lands you can be pretty sure that simply waiting for a few years will certainly see a return of investment if you want to then sell the land. Now take some steps to manage the land for wild life and you can really see a great return. Put in some feeders, clean out some of the brush and plant beneficial trees and plants in its place and perhaps construct a low impact shelter for camping and you start to really see the potential to not only sell the land at profit but to know that your buyer will want to preserve the land as well. If you can go as far as providing a year round water supply on land that previously had no water on it your return goes way up.

Now turning to the concept of investing in the future I get a lot more excited. To me owning the land is about also caring for it and doing the things I mentioned above. Such land is beautiful and a solid way to hold and insure your wealth. Yet if you really care for and manage the land you have a chance to leave behind to your family something that can continue to provide for wildlife and sportsmen for centuries. Three hundred years from now your great, great, great, great grandson could be teaching his son about wild life, nature and preserving beautiful things because of something you started. Perhaps while showing him an ancient digital photo of you and your family and telling the story about how you gave this gift to the family.

Isn’t that a bit more exciting then a CD, government bond or flipping a multi tenant property?

My view is people should work hard to build and preserve wealth. Yet as you do it is important to think beyond the return at the end of the year, we need to think about the legacy we create. Just something to think about as you build that empire.

So where do you find land like this? You have to hunt for it and venture out into the rural world yet there is at least one very good source to search for and find land like this. It is called United Country and my only warning is if you love country living or long for a place in the mountains you can spend a day just browsing on it. Anyway I would love to hear the thoughts of other nature lovers and sportsman about this type of “land investment” so please give me your feed back below.

What are you doing now that 2008 is here?

January 8th, 2008

Don’t worry this isn’t one of my “get your financial butt in line” posts, well mostly not. I am just wondering what everyone is up to in general, like what you are watching on TV, etc. Personally I have been enjoying Celebrity Apprentice quite a bit. Check out this video showing what a snake that Omarosa is. Got to be one of the biggest sleezes known to man in my book. To me this is why so many people are looking to build a business of their own, to buy a business or just to find some way to be independently employed. I mean who really wants to deal with a corporate environment that has far more then its’ fare share of Omarosas.

I have also started out on a diet. Last year I elected to not go Elk hunting because honestly I was afraid I might die somewhere alone on the mountain. The last time I went I had a great but tough time. I came home with blistered and even bloody feet and was sore for a week. Back then old CostCutter was in much better shape. This year going out into the unforgiving wilderness alone seemed like a big risk. Since I am way to young to give up that type of life I am getting back in shape. Who knows, perhaps when I loose my weight I will come clean and say who I am.

Additionally I am breathing some new life into a few of my businesses with some creative ideas and looking to hire a few new creative and talented people. The search for talent is really tough right now, I just listened to this podcast on the shortage of talent in the market today and I have to really agree with the guest speaker. While real estate investing today seems to be a buyers market there is no question that in the talented and skilled employee market it is a sellers market. If you are good, have a proven track record and can deliver then today you call the shots. If you are in the market for a new position and are not finding a lot of opportunities I recommend you get in touch with a good executive recruiting firm.

On another note all together I really think the 2008 presidential race is off to an interesting spin. Ron Paul still seems to be shunned by the media despite basicly finishing in a three way tie with 10% of the vote while Rudy was at only 4%. Typical!

Today we focus on New Hampshire, I predict the following for the republicans.

1. Rudy does aweful and everyone says it doesn’t matter.

2. John McCain wins and his national numbers rock because people are lemmings.

3. Mitt Romney does OK and comes in second and they say it is over for him.

4. Ron Paul does far better then the 8% the polls say he can expect. Comes in third and gets ignored again.

Such is the stupidity of our media and the political process.

Moving on the the Democrats - Hillary has had a break down practically coming to tears because she was asked how her day was mostly because Barock Obama is now surging in New Hampshire and she is on track to loose again. Of course the news is making a huge deal of Barock’s massive support. His followers indeed love him, they laud his speeches and vision yet the news people can’t seem to find a single supporter that actually knows his position on any of the big issues. America, please wake up, support who you want but for the love of God know why you support them.

My personal view I think Hillary is a disaster for this country as our President, her health care plan, tax hikes and some other policies will only serve to make worse a recession that is flat out coming to hit us hard over the next few years.   That said Barock is worse, he want to tax more, spend more and make government even bigger and more intrusive then Hillary.  However he can speak very well, avoids the issues and is very likable.  This is why Hillary is in trouble, even her supporters realize Barock is going to be harder for any Republican to beat and are picking the best candidate to win in November.

I personally think Hillary is unelectable and if she looses the primary (which I predict) Barock is probably a 2 to 1 favorite just in odds to win the presidency.  In other words a Hillary loss in the primaries is bad for the republicans while her victory would be very good indeed for them.

My predictions for the Democrats in New Hampshire are as follows.

1. Barock wins by at least 10% of the vote and we hear all the liberal papers cheer how it is finally time, “for an African American president”. When the country has been “ready” for a long time and we are all really tired of being called racists in subversive ways by the communists running our press.

2. Hillary gets slammed, perhaps even damn near ties with Edwards. This is spun as the “end of Hillary by the right” and some how a “right wing conspiracy” or “anti women” thing by the left. The left leaning media will hold out all hope for Hillary and talk about how New Hampshire and Iowa “don’t really matter”. Of course they really don’t it is just that the media just spent the last 30 days convincing us how much they do indeed matter.

3. Edwards does ok in 3rd but the media talks about how that is “hope for his campaign” even though there are only four Democrats in the race. Idiots.

4. Bill Richards gets a clue and drops out.

So what are you up to in 2008? What do you think of our coming elections?