Teaching kids to invest and think smart about money

January 13th, 2008

The good old piggy bankI know a lot of adults that are doing what they can to teach kids about investing and saving money. The most common way is the good old fashioned piggy bank.  There is something to be said especially with younger children to putting some change in a piggy bank.  It is a good start but it is also quite limited.  With the good old pig you always can open him up and raid the savings and the savings lack any type of leverage.  You earn no interest and little Johnny’s or little Dorothy’s pennies end up worth less ever day, unless they are solid copper that is.

My view is it is important to have kids open their first bank account as soon as they are old enough to grasp the concept.  A Roth IRA with some monthly contributions should be set up by age 12 and money should be discussed from a positive outlook.  Don’t teach your children things like, “money is the root of all evil” as that is not the proverb anyway.

People that do well with money come from homes that discuss and value money.  Now of course you must teach ethics, family values and over all life lessons as well.  Your kids shouldn’t worry about money or believe it is the end all be all.  Yet they should understand it and its power, both good and bad and you should teach them the Building Wealth Philosophy as early as possible.

One of my favorite books for parents helping kids learn to invest is Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens The Secrets About Money–That You Don’t Learn in School!  To me this book is an absolute must read.

One way or another make sure you are making things like money, avoiding toxic debt, savings and investing positive topics of discussion with your kids.  I am not saying your kiddos first words should be leverage and interest over mamma and dada but you get the point.

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